Features & Benefits

What are some features and benefits of InsureVue?

InsureVue is a cloud-based insurance policy management platform that enables brokers, managing general agencies, and insurance companies to digitally run their business.  Built on the industry leading Salesforce platform, InsureVue has an extensive set of features to handle the insurance policy sales and servicing lifecycle.

Offer a web channel into your business

Our InsureVue broker product enables insureds to purchase your insurance products online.  This eliminates the inefficiency of paper-based processes and provides the customer experience people expect in today’s digital age. Our InsureVue MGA product supports the ability to implement a full application intake, rating, and issuance process online to your brokers.

Holistically manage all client information

InsureVue tracks all information and documents relevant to a policyholder’s file – all in electronic form. Policy details, such as effective and expiry date, attachments of completed application forms or property photos, account plans, and important emails sent and received, are all stored in the policyholder’s file in InsureVue.

Generate documents and send emails

Documents, such as proposals, certificates, and policy wordings, can be generated by InsureVue. All system-generated documents are automatically stored with the policyholder’s file and can be emailed from within InsureVue.

View claims data with policy details

Summarized claims data can be recorded against each policyholder’s file to provide a complete picture of the performance of the overall program and provide underwriters the information they need to make underwriting decisions.

Track service commitments with to-dos

InsureVue features a powerful to-do tracking system that stores all related activities with each policyholder’s file. To-dos can be assigned to any InsureVue user, and an aggregated list of a user’s to-dos across all files is displayed on their home page. InsureVue automatically generates activities for policy actions such as lapsing a quote or initiating a renewal.

Understand your business with dashboards and reports

InsureVue offers a sophisticated dashboard and reporting system to monitor and analyze information from the product level down to the policy-level details. Dashboards track underwriter workload, new business sales pipelines, upcoming renewals, broker hit ratios, product benchmarking, and much more.

Actively manage your sales channel

For cases where a sales channel is used (brokers or sub-brokers), InsureVue tracks information such as submissions received, policies in force, licensing details, and account plans.

Provide secure stakeholder access

Streamline stakeholder interaction with InsureVue's secure portals. Using these secure access portals, underwriting companies and other authorized parties can view reports and policy documents on-demand and in real time.

Free your business with a 100% web-based system

Because InsureVue is 100% web-based, you can access all information, from aggregated reports right down to individual policies, anywhere you have a browser with Internet access. In the office, at a client site, on the road, or at home, you always have full system access.

Watch our Demo Video from Dig|In

We are back after attending Dig|In 2018, a conference focused on digital innovations in insurance.  InsureVue was on stage to demo its digital insurance platform.

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