For Insurance Companies

What does digital insurance mean to you?

Having an online channel enables insureds to easily purchase insurance on their internet browser, tablet, or phone. This fully digital workflow allows customers to apply, get quotes, bind, pay, and receive their policies in a matter of minutes. Offering your brokers the capability to move the insurance programs you underwrite to a digital channel is a powerful competitive differentiator for both you and your brokers. Try our demo to see how easy this is for yourself.

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How can a digital workflow increase renewal retention?

If you currently require insureds to re-fill out a blank application at each renewal, you are inviting them to shop their insurance. Retention rates can be improved in a digital workflow by having the online renewal application prefilled based on the expiring policy data. Renewals are faster for insureds to complete and provide a more streamlined renewal experience.


How does a digital workflow reduce time to administer programs?

In a digital process, your underwriting and rating rules are enforced by the system so applicants that fit within the underwriting guidelines will have their policies bound and issued automatically.  Only the applications that require review need to be handled so your staff is not bothered with processing standard policies that don’t require their attention.


How does InsureVue enable you to go digital?

InsureVue is a fully cloud based policy management system based on the industry leading Salesforce platform.  The InsureVue platform enables you to offer insurance products online in a fully white labelled online website where insureds can purchase their insurance.  We work with you in our 4 step process to customize InsureVue to your specific requirements.


Design your platform

InsureVue is highly customizable and white labelled so your branding will be on the platform and you are in complete control of how your insurance products are represented online. Your determine the questions, the underwriting rules to enforce, the rating, and the documents to issue.


We Build It

Once you’ve defined the specifications, we review your requirements and implement your products accordingly.  We begin by creating an online application based on questions that you selected and then we add your rules and rating logic. Finally, we implement your insurance documents that will be issued to the insured on purchase.


You Test It

The completed site is made available for you to test.  Testing is critically important in a digital workflow as policies can be bound based entirely on system rules with no human touch.  The test phase allows you to fully sign off on the system before it goes live.



InsureVue was built with speed and customization in mind. We understand the importance of going live quickly and are conscious of time while still providing you with a high quality platform. We typically turn around a product implementation from start to finish, in a matter of weeks. We manage to do this by leveraging the powerful general insurance functionality of InsureVue, so we only need to implement your unique product requirements.

Watch our Demo Video from Dig|In

We are back after attending Dig|In 2018, a conference focused on digital innovations in insurance.  InsureVue was on stage to demo its digital insurance platform.

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