Are you an InsureTech startup looking to disrupt?

Do you have new ideas on innovating the customer experience, coverage offerings, or underwriting?

Regardless of what your ‘secret sauce’ is, you will need your business to record and manage insurance transactions in a policy management system of record. InsureVue is a 100% cloud based policy management software built on Salesforce that can provide the robust back-end to support your business.

Increase your speed to market by focusing on your unique value proposition and integrate with InsureVue for the underlying policy management and back office software. We are actively working with InsureTech startups to partner with them to help bring their ideas to market - contact us to start a partnership discussion.

Insurance Industry Trends: InsurTech Partnerships

InsurTech is a sub-segment of FinTech, the use of computer programs and other technology for enabling banking or financial services. While FinTech is for finance, InsurTech focuses on solving insurance challenges and providing new digital...

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